WINNER: Anna-Louise Sleepwear

28 August 2015

CONGRATULATIONS to our final giveaway winner:

Please contact me on to claim your prize.
Thank you to everyone who entered the birthday giveaways.

Giveaway - Anna Lousie Sleepwear

24 August 2015

Our first giveaway this month is:
Pyjamas from Anna-Louise Sleepwear
(to the value of R400)

Anna is a good friend of mine - a lady with impeccable taste and style.
Anna-Louise Sleepwear collection is the epitome of style, perfect for early morning school drop offs, a stylish Sunday morning breakfast with guests, a comfy and classic look for new mums in hospital and a cute gift to bridesmaids or brides to be for the morning of their wedding day.

Each season ANNA-LOUISE launches a new print or colour following the seasons trends in comfortable and stylish designs. The ANNA-LOUISE brand and its products are high quality. Anna and her team work hard to create fashion pieces that are stylish and modern. 

Sweet dreams are made of Anna-Louise Sleepwear.
Shop online here.

All you need to do to enter:
Leave a comment with your favourite pj style/colour
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Entries close and winner announced on Friday 28 August
Good luck!

WINNER: Saint & Summer

21 August 2015

CONGRATULATIONS to our Saint & Summer winner:

Please contact me on to claim your prize.
Last giveaway next Monday!

30 Fun Facts

18 August 2015

In light of me turning thirty this weekend, I asked my nearest and dearest for some fun facts about me.

30 Fun Facts for my 30th:

  • You are high on life - and you don't need a drink to prove this.
  • You are overly generous with a big heart.
  • You love to talk on long distance runs - always to keen to catch up no matter the circumstance.
  • You never change - always the same, no matter what.
  • You have Chinese slit eyes when you smile.
  • You love social media.
  • You are a hopeless romantic.
  • You go for a weekly spray tan in Summer.
  • You don't like wearing black - you prefer bright colours (but actually look hot in black!)
  • You should be an event planner.
  • You know cars better than some guys.
  • You are blind without your contact lenses.
  • You always have your nails done.
  • You don't give up - still training to make yourself a runner.
  • I can mention a day or occasion, doesn't matter how long ago, and you will be able to remember what you were wearing.
  • You can't go anywhere without a brush in your bag - which inevitably leads to you brushing your hair in public.
  • If given the chance, you live off potatoes - in any shape or form.
  • You have one of the biggest hearts I know, and would do absolutely anything no matter what time or day or night for your friends and family.
  • You are great to hang around with, so easy to be around (and you talk a lot!)
  • You get louder and louder when you drink - funnier and funnier and your dance moves get loose!
  • You get excited about everyone and the big things in their lives. You add value to everyones joy in life.You know to throw the most incredible parties.
  • You are one of the most amazing and thoughtful friends.
  • You are always up for some fun.
  • You are OCD about spelling.
  • You are like a rock - the most consistently kind and caring friend.
  • You are ridiculously generous - not only with thoughtful gifting but also with your love and time.
  • You speak life - always building people up and not spreading negativity or rumours.
  • You always look gorgeously groomed, hair, nails and clothes always look stunning.
  • You have incredible style - in clothing, decor and everything in between.
  • You share my love for Coca Cola.
And that is why I have the BEST friends!

Giveaway - Saint & Summer

17 August 2015

Our third exciting giveaway this month is:
Shoes from Saint & Summer
(to the value of R400)

Saint & Summer is a distinctive brand that takes inspiration from global trends and summer styles to provide unique, fashion forward footwear. 

The two ladies behind this gorgeous brand, are two of my closest friends. Their special friendship and love for the beach, Summer and  sexy shoes sparked an idea to star their own shoe label designing and manufacturing these unique jelly sandals. 

The styles and colours are perfect for Summer and showing off beautifully manicured feet and toes. The soft, jelly material is comfortable for a full day in these shoes and the elegant styles and metallic finishes allow you to dress these shoes up for a night out in flats.

I personally own three pairs of these sandals and I cannot wait for their next launch in Summer. 

All you need to do to enter:
Leave a comment with your favourite shoe style and colour
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Entries close and winner announced on Friday 21 August
Good luck!

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