August Goals: TICK

01 September 2014

How well did I do in August?
Pretty darn well, if you ask me!

August Goals:
  • Celebrate birthday month!! Of course I did!
  • Be a better wife I would like to think I did?!
  • Enjoy my last birthday in my twenties I loved it!  
  • Send birthday invitations How cute are they?

  • Host a birthday party for ME! Loved my birthday picnic
  • Exercise at least three times a week I did every week, except birthday week!
  • Drink more water I tried and drank more than I normally do!
  • Drink no more than 4 cokes in the month I had 5 in total
  • Lose 1kg I lost 2kgs
  • Run my first 5k race I ran the Neon run - post coming soon
  • Enjoy a weekend away with friends A lovely weekend at Gowrie
  • Read two books My one book review here and almost finished the second.
  • Blog at least three times a week I've kept it up...
  • Enjoy two date nights with my hubs We only managed one this month.
  • Go on two dates with SJ We went to the library and to Jimmy Jungles
  • Take SJ back to swimming lessons 
  • Send two blogging gifts Sent!
  • Book an anniversary date/trip Booked! Cannot wait to share details!
  • Plan my MOH bachelorettes So excited!!
  • Spend more time in prayer and reading my devotional I haven't done very well with this...
  • Save R1000 Done!
  • Order new canvas prints for our photo wall Not done!
  • Clear out my cupboard I managed to do SJ's and EN's cupboards - post coming soon.
  • Meet two new babies Little Dylan Jade & Jordan Rock
21 out of 24 - not too bad this month!
September goals to follow

WINNER: Lingerie Letters

29 August 2014

Our final winner this month is:

Please contact me on to claim your prize.
Thank you to everyone who entered this month and CONGRATS again to all our winners!

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28 August 2014

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{ONE YEAR AND BEYOND} Eating Out With Your Toddler

27 August 2014

One of my fellow mommy bloggers, Leah hosts a weekly toddler link up called: 

I have been reading all her posts but very late to join in the link up. The topics are all very interesting so I am a few weeks behind but will post now and keep catching up...

Today's topic is:
Eating Out With Your Toddler

As a mom of a daughter (now two!), I often consider myself lucky when eating out. This is a major generalisation but on the whole, I have noticed that boys are busier and more energetic than girls. Although, SJ's teacher along with her grandparents and any other babysitters will agree that SJ is very busy and always on the go too. Although, she does have the ability to calm down and try and sit quietly and be occupied - especially with food. 

As a baby, eating out was a dream as SJ ate her finger food or bottle and then happily sat and played in her pram, observing those around her. Now she takes a little more convincing. 

SJ likes to be independent and please others, so she tries her best to sit in a big girl chair (like the adults) and eat with a spoon and fork and drink from a glass/cup - all like the adults. But once her food is finished, she starts to fidget and wants to be on the move. A few toys are a good distraction but they don't last too long. We often go to meals with friends or family and she enjoys their attention and company - and this keeps her occupied. However, if she starts to get a little out of hand, we call for a high chair and this keeps her strapped in one place.

We also like to take her to child friendly restaurants that have a kiddies play area - either inside or outside and this keeps her busy and active for the time that she isn't eating, and allows the adults to enjoy a good catch up.

SJ is a good eater and she enjoys almost all foods so choosing a restaurant isn't difficult - as most menus cater for her. We eat out for breakfast or brunch quite a lot as egg and bacon are her favourite foods. We also love a good coffee (babychino) or milkshake date - this is normally short and sweet and she is only focused on her food.

A few tips that have helped us:
1. Stick to your old favourite restaurants that cater for children
2. Use a high chair at home as this allows good discipline in a high chair when eating out
3. Choose your times carefully - a tired or grumpy child is never going to allow for a good meal
4. Try avoid screens at the table - nothing worse than a child on a phone or iPad at a family meal
5. Don't be scared - the more you do it, the more your child will get used to it and enjoy it

What are your thoughts on eating out with your toddlers?

Birthday Picnic

26 August 2014

Last Friday, I turned 29.
You would assume that after celebrating 28 birthdays, the novelty would wear off. Never!
It's no secret that I love birthdays and this year was no different (although without my hubs being here, I was very tempted to cancel!) but he made it in the nick of time.

This is my first birthday in our new home, and I decided that it would be a good idea to host a small birthday party at our home. And thanks to our beautiful garden, I decided on a birthday picnic.
It was a hit!

I hired a few lawn games: bowls, croquet, giant Jenga and giant snakes and ladders, ordered little picnic goodies for boys/girls picnic boxes and filled a wheelbarrow with beers for the boys and Pimms on tap for the girls. We also couldn't have asked for better weather - a perfect afternoon in our Winter sunshine.

Thank you to everyone for coming and making my 29th birthday so special.
I cannot wait to turn 30!!

Lawn Games from Surreal Eventing
Picnic boxes and games signs from Glee Projects
Delicious catering from La Maison
Chocolate cake from Cupcakez

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