Book Review: The Good Girl

16 August 2016


Title: The Good Girl

Author: Mary Kubica

Genre: Suspense/Thriller

Main Characters:
  • Mia - A young female who is kidnapped 
  • Eve - Mia's mother
  • Gabe - The Detective in charge of Mia's case
  • Colin Thatcher - Mia's kidnapper who is working for someone else
Mia goes to a bar to meet her boyfriend but when he doesn't pitch, she falls for the charms of Colin Thatcher. What she doesn't know is Colin isn't there to pick her up but rather to kidnap her for his boss. Instead of delivering her to said boss, Colin keeps driving and keeps her captive in a rural cabin in the woods. Weeks later, Mia is returned to her family - a very different woman.

Another suspense that keeps you coming back for more... Every chapter just isn't as it seems although my years of watching CSI and Elementary have paid off because I worked it out in the end! I loved this very emotional read!

Have you read it - what did you think?
Any other good book recommendations?

Disney on Ice

10 August 2016

At the end of June, SJ and I went on our very first mum and daughter getaway - and I am already dying to go on the next one. It had me dreaming of the days that we can go on shopping trips, spa getaways and so much more... Not being an only child, these one-on-one dates are so incredibly important and the quality time is so special. It allows to laugh and be silly, chat and catch up and enjoy the spoils of just us girls!

Our trip this year was to Joburg to watch Disney on Ice. The show was only in Joburg or Cape Town so it was the perfect excuse to check into a hotel, hire a car, over indulge at the Disney show and catch up with special family and friends. 

SJ LOVED every second of our trip - from the individual time with her momma, the exciting short flight, sharing a big hotel bed, fun at the Disney show and the zoo, shopping up a storm and being the constant centre of attention - she can't wait to go back! (if only she knew that Joburg itself isn't that amazing)

*Apologies for the blurry iPhone photos*

Book Review: ReBound

09 August 2016


Title: Rebound

Author: Aga Lesiewicz

Genre: Suspense/Psychological Thriller

Main Characters:
  • Anna - female lead who is a young, successful woman who ends a relationship and then gets caught up in a web of murder, sexual encounters and suspense
  • Bell - Anna's lesbian best friend whose friendship becomes her fate
  • Michael - Anna's gay best friend who fills in the gaps
Anna is in her thirties and has a successful career in Television. She has adoring boyfriend who she gets bored with and ends their relationship. To relieve stress, she runs through Hampstead Heath and it is on this run that she gets caught in an intimate but dangerous encounter. The story unfolds about sex, lies, murder, mystery, weird neighbours and heartache. The book is told in chapters 'before' and 'after' an event.

This book is 300+ pages and I finished it in an afternoon. You just cannot put it down - it is both shocking and horrifying but it keeps you coming back for more in a twisted way!

Have you read it - what did you think?
Any other book recommendations?

Durban July 2016

05 August 2016

A month ago, Durban hosted the annual Durban July horse races - bringing the crowds to our small coastal town. Our local race course is buzzing with bookies and jockeys, fashionistas and the whose who of celebville. Last year, we decided that to pay a large amount of money for ticket to the races just to stand in the freezing cold with sore feet and risk having your phone stolen - why not rather host a race party at home. And it is now an annual tradition...

We gather our nearest and dearest, send out an invite, dress to theme, order delicious catering, place our bets in a kitty ofor each race (and winner takes all!) and then dance the night away!

This years theme:
Leader of the Pack

So much fun and we cannot wait for next year already!
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Birthday Wish List

03 August 2016

In exactly 20 days, I will be the grand old age of 31 and I cannot wait! Call me an optimist, delusional or just plain birthday-crazy but I love birthdays and it doesn't bother me about getting older...

And just because one of my love languages is gifts, here is my list this year.

31st Birthday Wish List

1. Thandana Large Chatter Weekender Bag
2. Thandana Ladies The Jax Bag
3. Brown leather jacket
4. Anna Louise pyjamas
5. Country Road voucher
6. The Oyster Box spa voucher
7. Diamond earrings (will always be on the list)
8. Circuit Explore
9. Flowers, flowers, flowers
10. Rose gold Superegos
11. Ellie Saab perfume
12. Thandana Chatter Vanity

Yay for birthdays!
You can see past lists here:

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