Blogger ChitChat: Week One

04 March 2015

Wednesdays are now fun, Blogger Chit Chat days...
This exciting series was the fantastic idea by Claudz and Chantelle - and now I am the third C to join the chit chat!

Claudz blogs at Purple Lips and Perfect Smiles and we have become online friends through our blogs  - I joined Claudz Recipe a Week Challenge and we have kept in touch ever since. 

Chantelle blogs at Cocktails and Memories and we have only started getting to know each other through this series.

Week One

1. Describe your style in 3 words.

Chantelle: Contemporary, comfortable and feminine.

Claudz: Laidback, comfortable and neutral.

Caley: Casual, colourful and feminine.

2. What's your favourite way to spend a Saturday (based on your current life/income etc)?

Chantelle: Wake up with a cup of Nespresso and a cookie. Read through some Twitter and enter a competition or two. Decide on a movie to watch or find a nice spot outdoors for a picnic and some photo opportunities. Or: play Battle City and catch up on some series.

Claudz: Wake up early and go for a great run! Have a relaxed breakfast (which includes a huge cappuccino) and then start the day. I'd love to catch a movie or maybe take Max with us for a picnic somewhere. In the evening I want to have sundowners with friends before they come over to our place for a braai.

Caley: A lazy lie in with out girls and my hubs, whole family in the bed with tea. A good gym workout and breakfast, family time at the beach followed by an afternoon nap in the aircon. A cosy night in, takeaways and catching up on series with my hubs on the couch.

3. Your biggest achievement and biggest regret in life.

Chantelle: My biggest achievement is buying my first home. Standing outside my house with my parents - who worked so hard and made sacrifices to ensure I had the best education they could afford - this was a very proud moment for me. I didn't let them down.

My biggest regret in life is before breaking up with a boyfriend, I told him the truth about not loving him for a while and that I had kissed someone else while we were together. I wish I had kept this to myself, we were breaking up anyway so there was no need to hurt him anymore.

Claudz: My biggest achievement is keeping the cat, dog and husband alive... mostly. On a serious note, so many grown up things - owning our own home that we saved up to buy, living on my own in foreign countries and being the person someone wants to love and be with.

My biggest regret is not having spent more quality time with people who mattered to me. I wasn't close to my maternal grandparents and could have made more of an effort to understand them before they passed away.

Caley: My biggest achievement in life would be passing both my degrees and my two pregnancies and births. 

My biggest regret in life is not going 'away' to university - one that was not in my city, away from familiarity and involved living in a res or on my own. 

Stay tuned for Week Two next Wednesday

March Goals

03 March 2015

via Pinterest

My main goal for March is to be intentional and just keep trying, in everything that I do...

March Goals

  • Be the best wife I can be to MC
  • Wear my mommy badge with pride
  • Focus on my daily me time
  • Establish a healthy eating plan
  • Ditch the sugar, fast foods and soda drinks
  • Establish a consistent exercise routine that works for me
  • Finally purchase my new eye glasses
  • Enjoy a day or two on my own
  • See our little EN get better and stronger
  • Celebrate our special Gogo's birthday
  • Celebrate a special Bachelorettes
  • Attend precious 1st, 2nd and 3rd birthday parties
  • Enjoy another awesome Moms dinner
  • Enjoy a movie date with SJ
  • See Madame Zingara
  • Clean out all clothing cupboards
  • Host our first Class Moms Dinner
  • Enjoy two date nights with MC
  • Attend SJ's school Boogy Bug Picnic
  • Celebrate a very special wedding
  • Enjoy a weekend getaway with my hubs
  • Be present with those that are important in life

What are your goals in March?

February Goals: TICK

02 March 2015

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Another month gone? How is that even possible?

  • Show MC love every day this month, not just the 14th - I tried my best but I wasn't the best wife this month!
  • Kiss my baby girls every day
  • Lose 1kg - FAIL!!
  • Exercise 3-4 times a week - Only the first two weeks and then I got sick and EN got sick!
  • Start cycling I started in the gym but not on the road
  • Save R1000 FAIL! Thanks to a nasty Municipality bill!
  • Attend SJ's Parents Information Evening
  • Start my role as Class Mum 
  • Celebrate my besties 30th birthday
  • Celebrate three special mommy friends birthdays
  • Attend an engagement party
  • Attend two 1st birthdays and a 2nd birthday
  • Celebrate Valentine's Day
  • Enjoy a Valentine's picnic - Cancelled because of rain!
  • Celebrate MC's birthday
  • Make Valentine's crafts with SJ
  • Host book club at my house
  • Read one book
  • Watch Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Enjoy a high tea
  • Enjoy a girls weekend away in Mozam - Missed out because I was so sick - so sad!
Not a great month with my goals - my poor excuses are having a sick baba and being sick myself!
Looking forward to a new month and new start again...

Five on Friday

27 February 2015

Yay for Friday! And a fabulous girls weekend away!
Link ups today: Five on Friday with Christina and friends, and Oh Hey Friday! with Karli and Amy.

Favourite Style Items

I would call myself a loyal shopper - I like certain stores and I normally only shop at these same stores - why change a good thing? My style varies from casual and comfortable to a little more dressed up when out at night. The fabrics have to be cool and easy to wear in our hot climate and comfortable as a Mom of two littlies. I am known for not liking black, grey, brown or any dark, Winter colours and my wardrobe is packed with bright colours and fun prints. 
These are a few of my current favourites...

1. Kendra Scott. This jewellery is truly amazing. Such beautiful quality and so many different colours and styles - to suit every outfit. I could honestly have one of everything - holding thumbs that MC comes home with a small KS package after his next Houston business trip.

2. Triangl. Yes, they are the in thing but have you ever worn a neoprene bikini? The fabric is amazing and the colours are so cute! I have always had a bikini fetish and these are perfect for our hot, Summer days. Unfortunately, my order had to be exchanged for a different size so I'm still waiting but I love!

3. Country Road. It is no secret that this is my favourite place to shop - for my clothes, MC's clothes and the kiddies clothes, and the shoes and the accessories and the homeware. I love it all. A range of items that are casual and comfortable as well as elegant and stylish - can be dressed up or done. Quality clothing at a more premium price but so worth it.

4. Lilly Pulitzer. Can someone please bring this bright and colourful label with fun prints to South Africa? Another wish list item for MC's next business trip. These dresses are so gorgeous for day or night, perfect for someone like me who doesn't like to wear black, grey or brown colours. 

5. Superga. I love a good sneaker for the casual jeans and tee look and Superga are my favourite brand. So many different colours and styles to choose from - I could buy so many pairs! 

Do you like any of the above stores too?
What is your favourite style?

Little Sickling

26 February 2015

Does that little face even look sick?
Absolutely not! Which makes this post even sadder to write...

After our holiday last year November, MC and I returned home and little EN started feeling sick - she was showing typical flu symptoms (flushed cheeks, glazed eyes, slight cough, pouring nose and general discomfort). A trip to our GP doctor confirmed that she had tonsillitis - her throat was very red and inflamed and covered in sores. She was prescribed an antibiotic. Over the next few days, she seemed to be better.

In December, we went to London as a family and on Day 4 of our 14 day holiday, EN got sick again - she started with a pouring nose and congestion and she struggled to sleep with her heavy breathing and she struggled to drink from her bottle as she couldn't breathe through her nose. I also got sick on this trip and we put it down to the freezing cold weather - poor little EN had to stay indoors for the whole holiday!

On our return home in January, she started coughing and wheezing again. Another trip to the GP doctor confirmed she had tonsilitis again. She prescribed another antibiotic and we hoped for the best. A few weeks later, I had to rush her to our local hospital as she was having hour long coughing episodes and it sounded like whooping cough or croup. The paediatrician confirmed that her chest was surprisingly ok but she still had tonsilitis and she was given another antibiotic.

First trip to hospital... And still all smiles

So calm on the nebuliser

Now a maybe a good time to remind you that little EN was only 8 months old and a 35 week premature baby so she was realistically only 6,5 months old! 

After five courses of antibiotics, three months of tonsillitis and then a chest infection, an evening ritual of nebulising her so she could breathe a little easier, I arrived at our paediatrician in tears and begging for answers. He requested blood tests for allergies, blood cell counts and her immunity. I am normally a tough cookie but these blood tests were one of the worst experiences of my life... Little EN is chunky for her age (which is a good thing for a sick baby to have this reserve fat!) but not a good thing when searching for a vein to draw blood. After trying both her hands, and the inside of both her arms, they eventually found a vein in her foot! Her blood was flowing well either so they had to drip the blood out - and fill five vials! My little EN's screams were heartbreaking!

Last week, our paediatrician (who is the best in the country and the nicest and most caring man in the world!) called to say he needed to discuss EN's blood results. The good news was that she has no allergies or baby asthma and her blood cell count is normal but her immunity is extremely low.

To try and explain it in the simplest possible way:
Our immune system is made up of three layers of immunoglobulins: the first layer is your IgA which is found in mucous membranes like respiratory tract and gut, your second layer is your IgM which is found in the blood and lymph fluid and is made by the body to fight infection and finally, your IgG which is found in all body fluids and protects against viral and bacterial infections as well as stores your immune memory after having your vaccinations as a child.

Unfortunately, EN is 1 in 3000 babies that has little to no IgA and IgG immunity. Her levels are extremely and as a result, her body hasn't fought off any of the infections she has had and it won't until these levels have increased. On top of this, her IgG immunoglobulins show that none of her previous vaccinations have been successful.

As sad as it is that our little tot has a long road of recovery and medical shots and medication ahead of her, we are glad that we have found the reason she hasn't been getting any better and we are so grateful that we can fix the problem. We can also count our lucky starts that she only developed a tonsil and chest infection that she has managed to keep at bay rather than something more fatal like German measles or meningitis.

Our paediatrician has recommended a dose of immune boosting shots, as well as the flu vaccination and all her previous vaccinations again which we will probably do next week. She is also on a low dose of a mild antibiotic, twice a day, indefinitely. We also have to be very careful not to expose her to any other infections so she has been confined to staying at home as the outside world is full of nasty and unknown germs. 

Please pray for our little EN, and I will be sure to update you on her progress soon.

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