Holiday Blog Hop: Sweet Treats

24 November 2015

Holiday Blog Hop: Holiday Sweet Treats

I missed the first week of the Holiday Blog Hop with Laura and friends.
This week, SJ and I decided to join in by baking/making some fun snowman sweet treats. No actual baking was required but that is the best way to "bake" when you have an impatient and hungry little toddler in the kitchen. We had so much fun mixing and chopping, sticking and icing - and a whole lot of sneaky eating too!

Have you made any fun Christmas treats yet?

Rest in Peace Amy

18 November 2015

It is with the saddest heart, that precious Amy Miller went to be with Jesus yesterday morning.
The Lord has gained the most beautiful little angel after a brave and courageous fight. Amy has touched the lives of so many that knew her and even more that didn't know her. She leaves a strong campaign and incredible legacy behind - something that not many can do in five, short years of life. 

My heart is broken for this special family - a mom, dad and sister who have lost the most amazing daughter and sister, best friend and ray of light. Death brings no comfort but the gorgeous rainbow last night was a sure sign that this little angel has found her place in Heaven, singing and dancing with a full and pure heart.

Rest in peace sweet angel child.

All About Me

16 November 2015

Another one of these cute but informative All About Me posts that I first read Cindy's cute facts over at 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House.

1. Are you named after someone?
No one in particular, just a name my parents liked. I have to be honest, I've never been a huge fan of my name.

2. When was the last time that you cried?
This morning. There was a fire evacuation at our gym/shopping centre and I haven't been dealing with fires very well after our trauma!

3. Do you have kids?
I have two beautiful daughters - age 3,5 years and 1,5 years old.

4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?
I'd like to think so - I like to see myself as an easy going, friendly, sociable, trustworthy and loyal friend who will do anything and everything for someone. 

5. Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Coca Cola and full body massages.

6. Do you like handwriting?
I love it! I think I have a neat handwriting but wish I could be more creative - I need to go on a course.

7. What is your favourite cereal?
I'm not a huge cereal fan - but I do enjoy granola or a guilty treat in Coco Pops.

8. What is the first thing you notice about people?
Their smile and their response in meeting me.

9. What colour are your eyes?

10. Scary movies or happy endings?
Definitely NOT scary movies, I hate them. I am a hopeless romantic so happy endings for me.

11. Favourite TV show?
I have a few - Pretty Little Liars, Elementary, Stalker and Secrets & Lies.

12. Summer or Winter?
Definitely Summer - I hate the cold.

13. Hugs or kisses?
Hugs from friends and kisses from my MC.

14. What is the furtherest you have been from home? 
USA, Bangkok and London - not sure which was the furtherest in distance.

15. Do you have special talents?
I like to believe I have a creative eye for party planning and designing. I can't sing, dance, draw or any of those clever talents. MC thinks my hidden talent is shopping!

16. Where were you born?
In my hometown in South Africa.

17. What are your hobbies?
I love blogging, socialising, organising and party planning.

18. Do you have any pets?
We aren't allowed pets in our Estate as it is an eco-estate but I grew up with dogs. Lately I have desperately been wanting a Jack Russell and English Bulldog.

19.  Favourite movie?
The last movie I watched is now my favourite: The Longest Ride.

20.  What colour is your car?
Funny question that because I am currently car-less after our fire. My last three cars were black but I've had a reoccurring dream that I die in a black car so my next car will be white.

21. What did you want to be when you grow up?
I always wanted to be a Mom, and then a teacher. My dreams came true.

Why not tell me more about you in the comments?

Five on Friday

13 November 2015

I don't know which is more difficult to believe - that it is Friday already or that it has already been two weeks since we were in Texas! Time really does fly during the festive season! I am linking up with Christina Five on Friday with and Oh Hey Friday with Karli today.


1. Houston. I am a real homebody and very loyal to my home town but Houston is one place that I could move to. I love the people, the landscape, the climate, the stores, the food, the shopping, the creative outlets and so much more...

2. Blates. I was lucky enough to meet up with these three beautiful ladies: Mexican and long catch up with and her sweet little man, Luke. Oyster Bar lunch, sprinkles cupcakes and outdoor shopping with and her gorgeous little munchkin Paisley. And more Mexican and a catch up that I wished never had to end with my sweetest girl .I cannot explain how grateful I am for this blogging community bringing me close to these lovely ladies.

3. Food. American food is delicious. I have a major obsession with the wonder world of Whole Foods, a delicious froyo from Pinkberry and all things Mexican!

4. Time out and quality time. This year has been nothing short of crazy for MC and I and our family - from illness to trauma, chaos and travel, we have been worn thin. I am so lucky to do life with this man - the good and the bad but this trip was amazing to just be with him. Spend quality time out together, relaxing and rejuvenating.

5. Luke Bryan. Say no more. MC and I are obsessed with Country/Western music and to see our three favourite men: Luke Bryan Randy Hauser and Dustin Lynch live in concert in San Antonio was one of the best experiences and a serious bucket list moment in my life!

Happy Friday!

What is that smell?

12 November 2015

What are your favourite fragrances at home?
Fresh rain or grass
Baking bread
Scented candles

What are your worst fragrances at home?
Babies nappies

Looking at the lists above (which are pretty generic in most households), the favourite fragrances are all beautiful but none of them linger for very long. They all smell amazing when the flowers are alive, the bread is in the oven, the grass is being cut, the rain is falling or the candles are burning but then they are gone and the bad smells start to creep in...

And I talk from experience.
In the past few weeks, we have had some crazy smells to try and get rid of. We have had endless dirty nappies in those ridiculous nappy bins that don't eliminate the smell, it just hides it! We have had some terrible fish smells after cooking a delicious meal that lingered for days. We have had a raging fire in our garage that left everything covered in soot and stinking of thick black smoke. And we have had a leaking tap that drowned our kitchen and dining room and left a horrible damp smell. And the notorious smell of baby vomit in a car chair that has a brand new car resembling a nite club bathroom.

As a stay-at-home-mom and proud housewife, my home is my everything, my sanctuary and where I spend most of time every day. I cannot stand the bad smells - how does anyone work or babies sleep or guests enjoy a cuppa with horrible smells lingering through the home? I get embarrassed about bad smells and I try my best to get rid of them.

Cue: Ambi Pur

Ambi Pur is specially designed to not only eliminate odours, but to also provide a light fragrance in order to truly refresh your home. Ambi Pur uses superior odour-elimination technologies to eliminate odours, rather than covering them up. Developed by an expert team, Ambi Pur products are safe to use as directed all around the home.

Ambi Pur’s Top Tips to take care of odours in your home and keep your home smelling fresh

1.     After cooking and eating, refresh the air around you by spraying a little air freshener.  Our noses become immune to odours after around 15 minutes so just because you can no longer smell your meal doesn’t mean it’s no longer lingering in the air

2.     If your child is sleeping away from home, unfamiliar surroundings can make them pine for home.  Spray a sleeping bag or hotel pillow with a familiar scent to bring back pleasant memories of home

3.     Use Ambi Pur Citrus & Morning Aerosol to eliminate the smell of cooking or pets  - it’s  a great way of adding scent to a kitchen

4.     Before turning on your lights put a little air freshener onto a cold light bulb.  Turn it on and as the bulb warms up it will gently release the fragrance into the room

5.     Keep mildew at bay by drying shower walls with a towel and keeping the cubicle door open to let the air circulate

6.     Pleasant smells can help your home feel friendly and welcoming.  Try using air freshener such as Ambi Pur Lavender & Comfort or Flowers & Spring in your hallway so that guests feel invited in from the moment you open the door

7.     Wipe Your Pet's Feet: If you aren't into keeping a towel by the door to wipe off paws, try a plush mat or rug outside your door to help catch falling debris before it ends up around the house.

Let's all join together to get our homes from

*Products were sponsored for this post, but all reviews and opinions are my own*

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