25 July 2016

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A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.
Sunday. Yesterday was perfect.
Sunday's that are spent constructively really do make for organized and great weeks ahead.

Yesterday, we did the following:
Tea in bed. We woke up to the coldest day we have had this year and pouring rain. We all climbed into our bed to snuggle and cuddle with tea and rusks. For all four of us. There is no better way to spend the morning. Family time is everything.

Church. We went to our 9h15 church service. Unfortunately our little EN isn't a fan of being left in her baby church so we let her spend the hour with Nan & Bumpa. SJ had a fun filled hour with her kids church, eating treats, singing songs about Jesus and learning about Paul and how God changes hearts. We listened to an incredible sermon on faith and hope in our country, our lives and around the world. The Hillsong song, Cornerstone left me in tears. A very powerful service.

Rings. We collected my two eternity bands. My poor rings have been through a lot recently, and losing diamonds four times in the past few months. Last week they were reset and now they are sparkling and brand new. I felt lost and naked without these bands - beautiful reminders of the miracles that I gave birth to (MC bought me each band after each of our girls were born). 

Lunch. We sat together as a family eating the most delicious pizza lunch. A special meal as a family of four, chatting about church, our lives and the week ahead. We love meal times with our girls - even with the chaos of glasses spilling, kids refusing their good, begging for ice cream, rolling dough and coloring pictures. 

Grocery shopping. Meal planning and food shopping on a Sunday is my best. We can plan ahead, pack the fridge and have everything organized for a Monday morning. Much better than rushing around on a Monday morning...

Naps. Who doesn't love a Sunday afternoon nap in a warm bed with the rain pouring outside in the cold.

Dinner. Sunday grocery shopping allows us to get a head start on a hearty family dinner. In this chilly weather, tasty chicken soup warmed us all before climbing into beds - feeling content, prepared and loved for Monday morning.

How was your weekend?
Do you have a Sunday routine?

Confessional Thursdays

14 July 2016

Everybody loves getting a few confessions off their chest - especially on a Thursday!

Confessional Thursdays

I am not ready to fly home after our London holiday this evening - it's been a fabulous few days of holidays, some sunshine, lots of delicious food, shopping and quality time with our little family of four...

But also, I am ready to get home to my own bed, my own bath, my own car, familiar surroundings, healthy eating, exercise and routine and structure again.

I never used to like London but London in the Summer when on holiday is actually amazing.

EN and I have both got sick in London. Again. This constant change in weather is not good for us.

I am devastated that Federer didn't make the Wimbledon finals, and I am NOT a Murray fan.

Pimms & Lemonade is definitely my favourite alcoholic drink.

Summer Sales. Enough said. Oops!

I hate public transport. Call me a snob but there is nothing worse or more gross or hot and sweaty or claustrophobic than the London Underground. We didn't venture out too far but Uber and a cab or just plain walking are definitely more for me!

Staying in a serviced apartment was the best way for our family - hotel services but in an apartment big enough for us all, spacious for our bags and stuff and a kitchen to prepare meals and bottles for the girls.

Lack of sleep at night is definitely easier when on holiday. It's been 

I am eternally grateful for MC's hard work and traveling that builds up our portfolio of air miles and allows us to upgrade our flight seats. Hopefully some rest for us all...

There are big changes for me when we get home - life has become very busy, chaotic and dramatic and far too overwhelming. Changes have to be made - they aren't going to be easy but they will be for the best.

Do you have any confessions this week?
Have a happy weekend

Five on Friday

10 June 2016

Yay for Friday! Nothing better than a nice weekend to look forward to. My Five on Friday this week is a little more than five - but a recap on trying to search for the Big Five animals in the bush last weekend. Link up with Christina for Five on Friday and Karli for Oh Hey Friday!

The Big Five on Friday

MC and I spent the weekend with two special friends at Phinda Mountain Lodge. We left early on Friday morning to check in at lunchtime, enjoy a delicious lunch and then settle in and relax before our first game drive at 15h00. There really is no better feeling than driving around a game vehicle, searching for beautiful animals in the wild and admiring the African sunset. We spent the evening tracking lion who were in hiding and didn't want ti be found but we saw giraffe, impala, nyala, along the way. After a sundowners stop for a Gin & Tonic and some snacks, we headed back to the lodge under the most perfect night sky. Our ranger eventually stopped for us to admire the stars and we were in awe of the perfect constellation, locating Scorpio, the planets and Ryans belt. The evening ended with a delicious dinner for four on the lodge balcony underneath a perfect evening of stars.

We were up bright and early on Saturday morning for a quick cuppa before heading out to the North part of the reserve to find the massive herd of elephant. We were treated to a morning of a family of elephant with a massive big bull male and his sleeping friends. Driving along the main road up North, we found the North pride of lion - a male and female sleeping on the side of the road and then trying to mate. And as we arrived back to the lodge, we nearly missed three cheetah male cubs lying in the bush. A great morning of sightings.

We then spent the day completely over indulging in delicious food, reading books, having a quick nap before a delicious lunch and afternoon tea. At 15h00, we met on the deck to head out again for our evening game drive. There is something so magical about being in the fresh air and listening to nothing but the sounds of nature - we truly live in a beautiful world. Our female leopard was in serious hiding and after hours of searching for her, we stumbled upon a male lion fast asleep after a feast of warthog and two female lioness with three small cubs feasting and fighting over a tiny nyala. What an amazing sighting and to watch them interact with each other - and fight myself back from jumping out the vehicle to cuddle the cute cubs. Another refreshing G&T before being surprised with a bush dinner in the middle of the reserve - what an incredible experience. (For non-South Africans - the dinner is right in the middle of the bush and completely open to all animals. This area is surrounded by fire lanterns which deter animals and armed security who are on the look out. There have never been any casualties from a bush dinner).

Our final morning allowed us to get a glimpse of a beautiful rhino sans horn (unfortunately the rhino poaching is a terrible epidemic in the reserve so they have started to cut them all off safely before these animals become extinct!) We were also surprised to drive into the massive North herd of elephant who had crossed serious kms the night before to head to the South in the hope of rain and water. What a privilege to view over 40 elephants right next to our vehicle (one big bull a little too close for my liking) as well as the grumble of a bulls call and a baby's first trumpet. 
And the cherry on the top was finding the two lioness and three cubs on our way home - the cutest!

I cannot explain the wonder of this beautiful reserve and the feeling of rest and relaxation you get being out in the bush for a weekend. Not to mention, the massive privilege of seeing these animals in their day to day habitat and interaction. And all whilst enjoying five star luxury too.

We can't wait to go back.
Happy weekend.

Confessional Thursdays

09 June 2016

Jess has stopped blogging publicly so there is no Confessional Thursday link up but I still have a few confessions to keep you entertained this Thursday...

I fell asleep at 03h45 this morning and my alarm went off at 05h30. And I have no idea why?! Good luck for the wall I will most definitely hit this afternoon

I have been super slack at blogging lately

I have been even worse blogging for my poor business

I haven't read any blogs in ages

I haven't been to gym in a week

I totally over indulged during our weekend away in the Bush - food, food and more food!

I have been away for six days - three days in the Bush and three days at a Health Hydro

Needless to say, I am relaxed, refreshed and revitalised

I haven't applied for my UK visa and we leave in three weeks!

I am closing the business during our Winter holidays and the guilt is overwhelming 

The mom guilt as a working mom is just as bad

I was let down TERRIBLY by a supplier last week and I am trying to dig very deep to stay calm and get over it

My A-type and OCD personality doesn't like letting clients down. And even worse when it is out of my control

MC and I sobbed through The War Room movie last night. Wow!

Priscilla Shirer is a mind blowing speaker. I could listen to her all day

We finally have US iTunes and now I can binge watch The Bachelorette

I only started watching halfway through Chris Soules series so I haven't always been a die hard fan

Do you have any confessions this week?
Leave them in the comments below.


30 May 2016

Weekend Ramblings

I don't usually do a weekend recap but there is always a first time...
And why not document the sweet weekend we had?!

Friday was one of those crazy, busy days for me at work. I was let down in a terrible way by a supplier and spent the day running around to try and deliver for a client who had a function on Friday afternoon! Somehow, I managed to pull a rabbit out of a hat and made it all right but not without gaining a few grey hairs! MC had been away on business all week so after bathing the girls and tucking them in for the night - we collapsed on to the couch for an early night of cuddles and The Bachelor. (We also woke up to the news of our picture in the paper from last weeks Sunflower Fund Ball.)

We spent the morning having breakfast together at our favourite, Remo's and then we had a lazy morning at home, riding bikes, playing fantasy in the play room and watching cartoons. At lunchtime, we put the girls down for their nap - I got cozy on our outside couch with a cup of tea and Bobbie Houston's new book, The Sisterhood whilst MC sorted out our new garage. After our fire 8 months ago, we were finally reimbursed for the damages and belongings. We now have a fully equipped garage again with tools, mower,sports and camping equipment and bikes. MC is also working on building us a container for our veggie garden. The girls woke up, they helped Dad in the garage and riding their bikes and then we headed into the Village for an early dinner.

Our Church is currently running a series on "What would the Church say to..." and this week was Justin Bieber - what an incredible sermon by our Pastor Tom - who did a little JB performance too! It is scary how judgemental us Christians can be and how we often think that those they sin are so undeserving of Jesus but who needs Him more than sinners rather then the self-righteous? And so heartwarming to hear how JB is actually a believer and follower of Christ. We enjoyed a yummy lunch with the girls god-parents and our special friends that we haven't seen in ages - a good catch up for the soul. We brought the girls home for their afternoon nap, and we started preparing an early dinner with our families and parents. MC cooked meat on the braai and I prepared a tasty salad and healthy chocolate coconut mousse recipe from my favourite recipe book from Brookdale. And we ended off the evening toasting marshmallows in the boma.

What did you do this weekend?

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