Sssssh... We have a Secret!

30 September 2016

We have some exciting news to share...

Another precious BABY GIRL is joining our family in April 2017.
More details to follow.

Home Tour: Kitchen

07 September 2016

We have been living in our home for three years in December. 
In 2011, we bought our land and then designed and built our dream home. I am finally sharing a few pictures on the blog of our Home Tour.

Our kitchen is the centre of our home - we cook and chat and eat and assemble around our island on a daily basis. We gather for breakfast every morning together at the island, we all cook and share chores around the kitchen, it over looks our dining area and opens up outside on to our garden. It really is the heart of our home.

I have always dreamed of an all white kitchen with a touch of wood and colour. The green accent with Le Creuset accessories is thanks to the green touches in our dining room fabrics. And the copper and rose gold has been a recent addition with the trend.

Home Tour - Kitchen

Interior Design & Decor: Kirsty - Kirsty Lindley Interiors
Photography: Bron - Vanilla Photography

Be Still

05 September 2016

"When last did you sit and do nothing? If you had asked me that question a month ago, my answer would have been – not in forever! I am not very good at being still, at doing nothing, at having quiet and alone time. I am an A-type personality with OCD and a very giving nature – which all keep me very, very busy. And I tend to make myself busy, even when I don’t need to be. I try and do it all."

This is a piece from a recent guest post I wrote on Celeste's blog Being Me.

A post about taking a breath and in this crazy world and our busy lives, finding the time to Be Still.

Read the full post here.

Book Review: The Good Girl

16 August 2016


Title: The Good Girl

Author: Mary Kubica

Genre: Suspense/Thriller

Main Characters:
  • Mia - A young female who is kidnapped 
  • Eve - Mia's mother
  • Gabe - The Detective in charge of Mia's case
  • Colin Thatcher - Mia's kidnapper who is working for someone else
Mia goes to a bar to meet her boyfriend but when he doesn't pitch, she falls for the charms of Colin Thatcher. What she doesn't know is Colin isn't there to pick her up but rather to kidnap her for his boss. Instead of delivering her to said boss, Colin keeps driving and keeps her captive in a rural cabin in the woods. Weeks later, Mia is returned to her family - a very different woman.

Another suspense that keeps you coming back for more... Every chapter just isn't as it seems although my years of watching CSI and Elementary have paid off because I worked it out in the end! I loved this very emotional read!

Have you read it - what did you think?
Any other good book recommendations?

Disney on Ice

10 August 2016

At the end of June, SJ and I went on our very first mum and daughter getaway - and I am already dying to go on the next one. It had me dreaming of the days that we can go on shopping trips, spa getaways and so much more... Not being an only child, these one-on-one dates are so incredibly important and the quality time is so special. It allows to laugh and be silly, chat and catch up and enjoy the spoils of just us girls!

Our trip this year was to Joburg to watch Disney on Ice. The show was only in Joburg or Cape Town so it was the perfect excuse to check into a hotel, hire a car, over indulge at the Disney show and catch up with special family and friends. 

SJ LOVED every second of our trip - from the individual time with her momma, the exciting short flight, sharing a big hotel bed, fun at the Disney show and the zoo, shopping up a storm and being the constant centre of attention - she can't wait to go back! (if only she knew that Joburg itself isn't that amazing)

*Apologies for the blurry iPhone photos*

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