In The Darkness

06 July 2015

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I recently read an incredible blog post on Making Mountains blog titled: Love, Lately. 
I've recently found Belinda's blog and I've been captivated by the beautiful and honest way she writes - I just keep reading... But this post struck a serious chord, and really pinched where it can hurt. Belinda writes about the love she has felt over the past few weeks whilst her husband has had surgery and who has been there for her and for him during this difficult time.

And it got me thinking...

Have you experienced dark moments in life where you felt like no one was there? No one to talk to, to cry out to, to walk the lonely road with? 

Have you experienced happy and joyful times in life where everyone seems to be there? They are there to enjoy the great occasions?

Belinda's post filled my head and my heart with so many emotions, and it has had me thinking about all the good and bad times, and the people that have walked the roads with me. it got me thinking about so many different friends and family members and where they were or weren't during these times. Some memories made me smile to think about but so many made me cry...

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Where were you when my drink got spiked?
Where were you when I was being emotionally abused?
Where were you for the endless months of my long distance relationship?
Where were you when my first car was stolen?
Where were you when my parent was diagnosed or institutionalised?
Where were you when my Grandpa passed away in my arms?
Where were you when that girl spread rumours and lies about me?
Where were you when I failed my first exam?
Where were you when I lay on the floor in weakness, from morning sickness during my first trimester?
Where were you when my child was the bully?
Where were you when I went into labour and theatre without MC?
Where were you when my baby girl was in NICU and I lay helplessly in a hospital bed?
Where were you during the tough times?

But then also think...

Where were you when I got my driver's licence?
Where were you when I passed Matric and both my degrees?
Where were you when I got my first job?
Where were you when I got engaged?
Where were you when I saw my groom for the very first time?
Where were you when I first found out I was pregnant?
Where were you when my daughters were born?
Where were you when I moved into my first newly built home?
Where were you when I completed my first run?
Where were you when they reached milestones?
Where were you for their birthdays and dedications?
Where were you for my birthday celebrations?
Where were you during the good times?

I am not perfect and looking back, I have missed many tough moments with special people in my life. But at least I know, I have always tried my best - either staying away because my family needed me or because I felt you needed the distance. I know deep down inside that I am not that family member or friend who only shows up during the good times... I feel I am always constant and consistent.
I feel that I always Love, no matter what.

July Goals

03 July 2015

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July Goals

  • Kiss MC every morning and every night
  • Be more patient and kind with SJ and EN
  • Read more daily devotionals
  • Attend Church every Sunday or watch the sermon online
  • Do weight training twice a week
  • Run twice a week
  • Drink 2l of water every day
  • Host a Durban July party
  • Attend a 30th birthday party
  • Attend a bachelorette party
  • Celebrate a special friends birthday
  • Enjoy a holiday movie with SJ
  • Bake with SJ
  • Take SJ to the beach
  • Take SJ to the park
  • Enjoy a Midlands getaway
  • Enjoy a spa morning
  • Send our my 30th birthday invitations
  • Complete all course homework
  • Complete Photoshop assignment
  • Send two blogger emails
  • Send two snail mail packages

What are your goals this month?

June Goals: TICK

02 July 2015

June has been one CRAZY month! Probably the busiest month we have had this year - starting my course/lectures, EN being sick, SJ busiest school term, MC traveling and the social calendar exploding!!

  • Be a more patient wife I like to think so
  • Spend more quality time with our girls
  • Make time for those that matter
  • Less time and energy on those that don't Winning at this! 
  • Try waking up earlier - Failed!
  • Drink more water
  • Eat less sugar 50/50 on this one!
  • Keep running Not as much but I have run weekly
  • Try Bikram yoga Only twice but I tried!
  • Keep up our church attendance - Only once :(
  • Enjoy two date nights
  • Celebrate Father's Day
  • Participate in #Collaboreads with Amber - FAILED! No time to read!
  • Host a surprise
  • Attend a special friends bachelorette dinner
  • Attend a very special wedding
  • Watch our girls be flower girls
  • Attend SJ's Big Walk at school
  • Bake for SJ's school princess party
  • Keep on top of the homework for my course
  • Send two more snail mail packages
One thing I learnt this past month was to be realistic.
Be realistic with my time, my goals and my expectations - and it really helped.. It has been a hectic month but I am proud of myself.
How were your June goals?

Krause Wedding

01 July 2015

On Saturday, two of our very closest friends tied the knot.
L & L are a truly special couple who have crept into our hearts and are a special part of our lives. LK was the MC at our wedding five years ago and this weekend MC returned the favour by being the MC at their wedding. And our two little princesses SJ and EN were flower girls...

LK and MC have been friends since school days and when he met the love of his life in LA, we became best of friends. Our friendship may have only started a few years ago but I feel like she has been a part of it forever! It has been such an honour to join them in the engagement journey leading up to the most magical wedding day.

We spent the weekend at the beautiful Camp Orchards - with an intimate dinner by candlelight (thanks load shedding!) on Friday night, hair and makeup heightened by wedding excitement and nerves on Saturday morning, the great reveal of LA's wedding dress in the afternoon, an emotional but beautiful wedding ceremony with our little tots dressed like little princesses and the best wedding dance party all night! A special breakfast on Sunday morning to toast the newlyweds and a well deserved nap on Sunday afternoon.

L & L,
Thank you for allowing us to be a part of, and share in your big day.
We loved every second of the build up and wedding weekend and we are so lucky to be your friends and have you in our lives.
We look forward to many more good times and amazing memories together.

(please excuse my iPhone pics!)

Confession Sessions

30 June 2015

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A few confessions/life rambles to come clean about...

  • Life has been hectic lately so my little blogging space has had to take a back seat.
  • I've been attending evening lectures for a Desktop Publishing Course - it's been pretty intense and three nights a week of lectures is no joke! The homework and assignment work load is pretty crazy too!
  • School holidays started yesterday - this means two kiddies at home ALL DAY. I was seriously nervous to start with especially with MC away for the week and Granny away for the next few weeks and no back up baby sitters but I'm going to enjoy these moments.
  • I haven't had a second to read, cook, bake or do anything remotely relaxing - it's all mom duties and homework around here.
  • Litte EN had a good spell of being well and healthy but now a bad chest and ear infection has hit with a nasty cough and we are back to minimal eating, runny noses, barking coughs and sleepless nights.
  • Healthy eating and exercise have also taken a back seat but this week has started well again, day two of weight training/cardio running and trying my best to not eat the bad stuff.
  • I may or may not be finding 8 minutes in my week to have a spray tan - nothing like a little tanned skin in Winter to help you feel more fabulous.
  • Our social calendar is busting at the seams too - every weekend is crazy busy with kids parties, events, weddings, hens parties, baby showers and dinner dates. We have been good at saying No this year but some occasions are not to be missed.
  • I am one proud Mom with SJ officially being water safe and finishing swimming lessons (the sight of my child being thrown into the middle of the pool and her finding her way back to the edge on her own with no inflatables or swimming devices was so scary but so amazing to witness!) and her awesome school report.
  • Is it really half way through the year already?
What's been going on in your life?

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