Baby Story

MC and I have always known we wanted children.
It was something we spoke about from the very early days - we discussed how many (3!), the different boys and girls names that we liked and when we would start trying (2 year wedding anniversary). But 6 months after getting married, babies became a topic of conversation again and we asked ourselves when the right time would be? The answer is simple, we cannot decide on this "right time" so we would leave it up to our Lord Jesus - he would know when it was right to bless us with a little one.

In June 2011, we made the conscious decision, as a couple, for me to stop taking my Pill. We decided not to tell anyone that we had stopped using any contraception and that we were trying to fall pregnant so as to avoid any added pressure or monthly questions. We had listened to our gynae and other friends who said that it could take up to 3-6 months for my body to regulate and for us to conceive, but our dear Lord Jesus had other plans, he decided we were ready RIGHT THERE AND THEN. 

In August 2011, (after having a big night out for my birthday, dosing up on medication for a bad bout of flu and about to embark on a holiday to Mozambique which is high malaria area), I realised that "that time of the month" hadn't arrived... So I took a pregnancy test and there appeared TWO lines?! As untrusting as I am, a downed a bottle of water and took another - and only ONE line appeared. The rollercoaster of emotions is hard to ever explain - the excitement and joy of being pregnant and then the utter disappointment of maybe not... But someone always told me - it's very difficult to have a false positive! I went for blood tests the next morning and one word changed our lives forever - POSITIVE!

And so our journey began...
A cancelled trip to Mozambique
4 weeks of intense 'all day' sickness
A paralytic reaction to the prescribed anti-nausea medication
Sudden increase in breast size
Decision to have a c-section
The decision to not find out the sex of our baby
A growing belly
A very hot start to Summer
Nursery designing and planning
Name deciding (girls & boys)
Change decision to have natural birth
2 trips to Mauritius
Being a bridesmaid at 29 weeks
Antenatal classes
Daddy's dream of all things pink and girl (how right he was!)
Attending 5 weddings in the third trimester
Being put on bed rest
Spiked blood pressure
Pre-eclampsia diagnosis
Decision made by gynae to have c-section

And then it all happened... I went for a routine blood pressure check up on Friday, the 13th of April and with a dangerous spike in my blood pressure (again!), I was told to go home, collect my husband and hospital bag and check in that afternoon for my c-section. At 11am, I was admitted into our wonderful hospital, prepped for theatre and at 14h55 - our little precious princess - Sophie Jade Rosenberg - was born weighing 3.34kgs and a height of 52cm at just 37 weeks.

What a true miracle and blessing into our lives.

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